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A Room to Rock

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb. 2020

Rehearsal one a week. Tuesdays. Sometimes Thursdays but only upon request. Instruments piled up in the smallest space. No place to sit down and relax. No coziness. Everything sort of a compromise. Worsening fact. 6th floor, no elevator. Kind of hard considering the fact we are all over 40. Hence we entered the waitlist for Musikbunker Hamburg.

And sooner than expected we got lucky and moved to a modernized well sized room in the Wendenstrasse that we can call our own with no one to share. There are rumors that some band members have said that this is what they wish their living room would look like.

The next stage. A room that is more than just a room. A space to stay, feel comfortable and creative - go crazy and rock. Come along, guests are always welcome.

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