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Halle 11 - Sievershütten

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb. 2020

Sievershuetten. A place that none of us really knew before November 2nd 2019. And none of the fans of Halle 11 knew The Hidden Spirit until that day.

Halle 11. The name of both a band and a venue that carries its name because of the number of the Building it is located. The place that used to be a dairy is today the band's well equipped rehearsal room where frequently concerts take place. Industry charm meets Rock 'n' Roll. That was appealing.

Main act were Remedy who played a broad set of rock covers. The Hidden Spirit was opening the evening heating up the crowd. And that's what we did in our debut gig.

Thanks to Remedy and Halle 11 for a great evening. Very special thanks to Wiebke Krull for taking a series of nice pictures of us playing.

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