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25 Years Hamburg City Doom 17/01/2020

Aktualisiert: 11. Juni 2023

On January 17th the motto in Bar 227, Hamburg was "Klassentreffen XXL".

The reason was the 25th anniversary of B.S.T.

A mix from Punkrock via Stoner to Doom paired with a crowd of partypeople made this evening one worth remembering.

The recently founded combo Weltpunk kicked off the evening with lots of energy and fun.

Second came us. With 9 songs and the first ever public performance of "King's Ex". We played a gig that was fun for us and the crowd. Right from the beginning with "Southstile" the energy was flowing although the stage was small. After this experience and the positive vibes we will be playing again at Bar 227 on May 6th as support for "Desert Storm" from UK.

As Headliner B.S.T. showed their 25 years experience on stages big and small. Highlights were the temporary reunion with founding guitarist Torben for "Leuchtturm" and the grand finale with Neill Young's "Keep on Rocking in a Free World". (Thanks to Michael Möller for the great b/w pix.)

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